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We are PERSIAN CARGO. International shipping and forwarders company operating worldwide, providing great experience to our clients.


It can be overwhelming looking for the best logistics services to take care of your cargo internationally. We at Persian Cargo Int’l Forwarders & Co. hear this from customers every day. Surfing on the Internet, reading tons of ads, it is rather difficult to choose the right Freight Forwarder who can offer the right service. That’s why we focus on consultation as the first priority.
We believe that finding a solution to customers plan is more important that the method taken for the service provider, no matter if we as a Freight Forwarder cannot be the chosen party. That is why we offer the consultation as the very first step.
You may share your demands, priorities and importance with us and in return we offer you a plan based on your requirement and existing limitations.
In most of the scenarios we introduce:

  • Operational Limits
  • Geographical Limits
  • Regulation Limits
  • Time Consumption
  • The big players
  • The Options
  • The Price


We believe the forwarder can only offer a plan and this is the Customs who may choose the best plan. The next step is to choose the best parties to change the plan to the operation.

Persian Cargo Int’l Forwarder & Co. is an international transport and logistics company based in Tehran, Iran, founded in 1996. It provides sea freight and airfreight forwarding, contract logistics, and overland businesses in addition to Multimodal Transport Operation as the most common transport solution of the recent decades. [Wikipedia]
Focused Areas:

  • Fareast, namely China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and Japan
  • Indian Plate
  • Middle-East namely UAE, Qatar and Oman
  • Major European Ports, Terminal, inland points and connections
  • North American Major port and Terminals
  • Turkey and CIS countries

Today, a vast Global Network is recognized as one of the most important tools of a comforting transport service. Supporting through exclusive agents in Major Countries such as China, South Korea, India, Turkey, Germany, Italy etc. we try to guarantee such services while important Global Networks helps us to cover rest of the globe through a convenient level of operation.


Persian Cargo always tried to select the best International Organizations who could offer the best support and is honored to act as active member of several well-known International Organizations. Here are some examples of the organization linked to our service during last 3 decades:

  • FIATA – International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations
  • IRU – International Road Union
  • WCA – World Cargo Alliance
  • IFF – Independent Freight Forwarders
  • CLC – China Logistics Club
  • WIFFA – World International Freight Forwarding Alliance
  • GLN - Globalink and Global Value
  • GLA - Global Logistics Alliance
  • FCN Group – Freight Forwarding Network
  • PPL – Pacific Power Logistics

The importance of Local Market is undeniable and therefore, Persian Cargo tried to be active in such area from the very beginning. Joining important local organizations could be one of the major tools, helps us to reach such aim. Here are some organizations, we honored to cooperate with, during last years:

  • ITCA – International Transport Companies Association of Iran
  • Tehran International Transport Associations
  • Iran Chamber of Commerce
  • Tehran Chamber of Commerce

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